Your Thoughts Affect Your Output; The Success vs Failure Mentality

Have you been wondering why some people seem to be effortlessly more successful than you are? Have you ever been amazed at how someone seems to always win regardless of the circumstances? Don’t think too far or too wide darling, it’s a product of the way they think! As a man thinks in his heart, so is he! You thoughts determine your destiny and your destiny determines your legacy. Life happens to you as an accumulation of what you think about regularly. Your thinking determines who you are and who you are determines what you do. This might sound rather simplistic but believe me, it is a matter of fact.

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To be successful, you must be ready to stand out and be different. Successful people are difference makers and they think differently from those who are not making impact. Difference makers don’t think failure and lack because nothing limits greatness like negative thinking, just as nothing escalates success like positive thinking. You need to guard your heart and your thoughts jealously and think about your ideals and not your current realities. When you believe you cannot fail, you will launch out to do what others think are impossible. Your action or inaction is usually a direct result of your positive or negative thoughts.

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Control your thoughts and give them direction by utilizing the forces of “Imagination” and “Memory”. Memory is the ability to recollect past occurrences. Be careful when using your memory; stop dwelling on your past mistakes and errors. If you dwell on them, you will always be afraid of failure and you’ll probably always remain too discouraged to break forth and do great things. Remember your past successes, think on them, stay positive and you’ll find the courage to take big risks and do new things. On the other hand, the power of imagination is unbeatable. Imagination is a compound word coined out of the two words, “Image” and “formation”. You can achieve anything as long as you can imagine it! Be careful of the images you form in your mind when you think about your life. What exactly are you imagining and seeing about your future? Be advised that your life will gravitate in the direction of your most dominant thought!

Cheers and thanks for reading!!

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