Split Second Attraction

One minute I was fine and free and the next minute, he had changed my world. I had been offline all day because my cell phone battery had been very low. I had just bought a power bank and charged just enough to access my pending messages. I had my head down and was reading my boss’s message and I walked right into him! I felt as though I had walked into a big, hard mountain of muscles. My body slammed hard into his and while mine was soft and slightly chubby, his was as solid and unyielding as a rock. He didn’t move at all. I looked up to apologize but that wasn’t enough. I realized I had to tilt my head back to see his face; I’m five feet three inches and he was way taller, about six feet four.

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He didn’t say a word, just stared back down at me and suddenly I was tongue tied. I wanted to apologize but no words came forth from my lips. I seemed to have suddenly lost my ability to speak. His eyes were cold and glacial as though he didn’t take kindly to such careless goofiness. He looked like my exact opposite. I was petite and soft while he was huge and hard. Everything, from his boots to his wide, muscled shoulders looked built for the outdoors. I stood there in my jeans and t-shirt, clutching my laptop bag, and it was as though we were from two different planets.

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This man triggered something inside of me. Something new and electrifying ripped through me like a whirlwind and leaving behind a smoldering heat. It was so strong, it was almost frightening. There was an undeniable awareness that started at all the points where my body touched his. There was something wild and untamed about him yet touching him felt just right, like my body had discovered its perfect fit. Fighting for composure, I took a deep breath and my chest press against his upper abdomen. I could feel the heat of him flowing straight into me and it felt like nothing I had ever experienced.

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I stepped back and finally said the words, “I am so sorry”. I tried to pull myself together but, as soon as I met his eyes again all of my efforts grew wings and flew away. I’d never in my life felt such intensity in a man’s gaze. I tried to take a breath and found I couldn’t. My chest was tight and my eyes wide. The heat inside me intensified, flowing to the parts of my body that had been dormant and relaxed. His eyes were no longer cold and glacial, they were dark brown and seemed to be eating me up. The silent mountain of a man who I had run into was looking at me like he could feel the same things I was feeling. He wanted me.

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    1. Mosun Omotunde

      Fantastic feedback! It’s flash fiction of some sort. It is supposed to tell a short story and leave you guessing. Your question tells me I achieved my aim. #hugsss!

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