Unstoppable (Freewrite)

  It began with an embrace, supposedly to warm each other. His body against hers, her body against his…friction…chemistry. A spark was undeniably generated until it ignited. Their innocent embraces began to feel a lot warmer. Like liquid fire running through their veins. Their little spark grew into a conflagration that couldn’t be contained. Their …

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Against my wishes, laid awake all night. Tried to sleep but couldn’t shake the fright. Turned over and prayed with all my might, Hoping that everything would turn out right. Thinking deeply about the previous day’s plight. Planning and strategizing hopefully with great foresight. Having only a very deep wish for the end in sight. …

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Stop That Bully!

Each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness. No one deserves to be bullied – Barack Obama Bullying In School- Pixabay (CC0) Our greatest assets as human beings lies in the strength of our self-belief and in the unyielding power of our human dignity. That unequivocal belief in our rights …

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The Battle Of Teradino

On the sandy plains of Teradino It was the third week of the ferocious battle. Teradino’s plains were littered with dead bodies and yet the battle raged on between the people of Rocspicsh and Jacspicsh. Swords clashed, cannon balls flew through the air at alarmingly short intervals, bayonets were being swung everywhere and there was …

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Speak Up, Speak Out!

I remember the educational NTA program several years back called “Speak Out”. It was designed to encourage kids and young adults to speak up and tell all about issues affecting them, their community and their circle of influence. Only God knows why it was stopped. It is a well-known fact that kids speak their minds …

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