Speak Up, Speak Out!

I remember the educational NTA program several years back called “Speak Out”. It was designed to encourage kids and young adults to speak up and tell all about issues affecting them, their community and their circle of influence. Only God knows why it was stopped. It is a well-known fact that kids speak their minds quite confidently but as they grow older they become more timid and reticent in their words and actions and begin to keep secrets, most of which could be very harmful if not attended to. Why does this happen? More often than not, the reason simply is fear. We become afraid of punishment, chastisement, criticism, ridicule, embarrassment, failure, withdrawal of love and so many others. Of course, there are some honest fears, like the fear of God or fear of stigmatization but most others are irrational, wrongly learnt and harmful to our psychological and mental health.

Many parents worry terribly about their children being afraid to speak out or report when they have been or are being molested. Such fearfulness is mostly an acknowledgment of inferiority and submission to the tormentor or perpetrator and unless it is dealt with, it will overwhelm and imprison its victim! The only way to curtail this is to deliberately raise children to be bold, courageous and to be friends with their parents. Timidity is quickly recognized in the adult society as well and is ruthlessly exploited simply because weakness in every form tempts arrogance from the oppressor. Haven’t you noticed fearful people almost always get cheated? Timid kids almost always get bullied, and the timorous employee almost always has his rights denied!

You are accepted by the value you place on yourselves and so today and every day, you must resolve to be free from irrational fearfulness and speak up when you are cheated or abused or molested. So much psychological, physical, emotional (etc) damages can be averted if you’ll just learn to speak out when something is wrong. Do whatever it takes to overcome shyness and timidity; read books, speak to counselors, learn from mentors, talk about your fears until you break loose from the barriers holding you back. Develop a dauntless spirit and be bold in everything that you do. Do not overdo your boldness by infringing on other people‚Äôs boundaries, but speak up for the sake of your dignity and self-esteem. Speak up! Speak out! Speak confidently!

Cheers and thanks for reading!!

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