Off the battleground, now homebound


I have been mostly underground, a woman from a relatively humble background.
Movies and books were my favorite getaway, my very own undisputed playground.
I was a victim of a recent business battle, all my investments did they seem to impound.
It was tough, it was rough, and it prolonged; got so depressed I was almost moribund.
Been floating around trying to regain my footing, Steemit came along and brought me a turnaround.
Everything I have encountered so far has been immensely profound.
I’m no longer stuck in a rut because I now have channels that are outbound.
My emotional depths now unwound, I’m gonna stand my ground.
So many words I have found, many theories and ideas to propound.
I find myself deskbound, writing words that keep even me spellbound.
I have a very fresh love newfound, these feelings are not just a rebound.
Seems like I’m a hound but no, it’s just that I’m sound.
Steemit abounds with love surround so I’m gonna hang around, watching the funds compound.

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