What’s Your True Character?

Character can be defined as your moral self comprising of your habits, the bent of your will, your nature and your temperament. All these form a cohesive whole and an analysis of all of all of them would tell your true character. The “you” we see out there is your ideal face to the world, in other words, your personality. However, your public personality may not necessarily show the world the real you. Many of us are very polite in society but when we are in our comfort zones, we could become rather uncouth and uninhibited.

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The calmness and humility many of us show is only a persona or a cover for our true selves. The truth of many personalities are revealed when people get richer and feel freer to express themselves. Have you done a self evaluation lately? Who are you when no one is watching? What do you do when you are all alone? That’s who you really are! The worst dis-service to do to yourself is to live in self-deception. Do yourself a favor and tell yourself the truth when doing your self analysis. If you don’t like what you see, you can choose to consciously develop a better character.

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To build a better character;
Consciously become more truth. Honesty builds character like nothing else.
Be more self aware of your preferences and actions.
Be more controlled as regards your appetites and idiosyncrasies.
Maintain the highest level of integrity you can manage in all your dealings.
Own up to your errors and mistakes and do the best you can to correct them or make things right.
Be patient. You don’t always have to have your way as soon as you want it. Delayed gratification helps build character too.
Ask good and unbiased people for their feedback about yourself.

Cheers and thanks for reading!!

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