The Battle Of Teradino

On the sandy plains of Teradino
It was the third week of the ferocious battle. Teradino’s plains were littered with dead bodies and yet the battle raged on between the people of Rocspicsh and Jacspicsh. Swords clashed, cannon balls flew through the air at alarmingly short intervals, bayonets were being swung everywhere and there was blood all around. The two countries at a deadlock. Captains dead, Majors dead, Generals wounded; both nations had lost many men and were now famished and weary from the unending battle.

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Three weeks before at the peace negotiation.
Sitted in the cool dimly lit office in the military barracks, were the two representatives of Rocspicsh and Jacspicsh. They were supposed to negotiate peace terms. Four years earlier, Thomas, the Commander General of the Rocspicsh army, had lost his wife not to death but to Fredrick who was now sitting opposite on the negotiation table. For him, the discussion had only one direction; little mattered and his country’s interest was being slaughtered on the alter of his revenge. Thomas was determined to crush Fredrick and anyone associated with or connected to him regardless of their innocence. Here was his chance and he was gonna take it!

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Hidden Motives
Fredrick, the Commander General of the Jacspicsh army, sat across the negotiation table staring balefully at his opponent. His eye spoke of his disdain but he uttered no words to confirm his thoughts. He saw nothing but a worm in Thomas and his country. He saw him as unfit for jail, unfit to lead an army, and in fact unfit to live. Therefore the battle line had been drawn long before the battle began. He had taken Thomas wife simply out of a desire to spite him and not because he had wanted her. He had convinced her to get a divorce, pretending to love her and promised her marriage. After the very public and messy divorce, he had showed his true colors and jilted her knowing she couldn’t return to her ex-husband, not after causing him so much pain and humiliation.

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Two countries to pay for 2 men’s private battles.
Each returned to his country not having spoken a word over the negotiation table. They however conveyed the message that the opposing nation would not bend thereby announcing the beginning of a war.

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