Unstoppable (Freewrite)


It began with an embrace, supposedly to warm each other.

His body against hers, her body against his…friction…chemistry.

A spark was undeniably generated until it ignited.

Their innocent embraces began to feel a lot warmer.

Like liquid fire running through their veins.

Their little spark grew into a conflagration that couldn’t be contained.

Their thirst for warmth had become a longing that could not be quenched.

They kept feeding the fire with gentle passion and until it grew wild.

And then one night, they were consumed by the mutual flames.

There was no going back, it had become unstoppable.

Hey there! Please don’t start what you can’t finish. I would advice you to stay away from physical entanglements especially when you know it wouldn’t do you any good. The body has a way of betraying you even when you initially had no such intentions. A word is enough for the wise. Be careful guys!

Cheers and thanks for reading!

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