Lovers’ Tiff

My heart was broken into several little pieces.
My confidence was shattered in multiple places.
Thoughts of deception had my heart beat racing.
I ached so badly and couldn’t stop pacing.

Caught in the lie, you became truly sober.
You felt the pain behind my bland words.
Made heartfelt apologies but felt it was over,
But chose to prove your love without fancy words.

Secrets always do more damage than good.
Learning from our errors, we’ve chosen to move on.
Sharing thoughts and time always set a great mood.
Now we’ve settled, so let’s get the groove on.

You’ve promised to guard me jealously,
And never again hurt me knowingly.
I promise to protect you fiercely,
And I’ll always love you endlessly.

All is well that ends well.
Cheers and thanks for reading!!

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