Self Knowledge; The Bridge To Confident Living

Socrates, the Greek philosopher Socrates spoke these words; words so profound he gave his life in its defence.

An unexamined life is not worth living.

Many of us go through life without any knowledge of self or the awareness of the exceptional feats we are capable of. I remember speaking to a lady who had encountered her true self at 50 years old! She lived all her life lurking in the shadows of opportunity waiting for permission to be told to excel. Imagine the deep feeling of regret at having lived for so long with so little achieved? Some may remember Susan Boyle, the breakout music star on the programme ‘Britain’s got talent’ I will never forget how overjoyed she was to excel at singing, something she never gave a thought to especially at her age. Even in what can be considered as the evening of her life, she blossomed! That is the compelling power of self knowledge and awareness. It is the deep understanding of self, your motives and your character. It is necessary ask questions like, “What drives me, inspires me and motivates me?”. Perhaps, making a list of everything about yourself; likes, dislikes, joys, expectations, dreams and desires can help; and I mean EVERYTHING! If you’re not sure, ask trusted friends and family to assist you.

Self knowledge is the root action to solving problems and challenges in life. Once complete, we can move on to improvement, pruning and fortification of traits to build self confidence and success in all areas of life. This can be really easy to achieve but this search for greater clarity requires unyielding commitment to develop and succeed. Many times we get pumped up on motivational feel-good messaging. The goal of this is often to build self belief to be successful, confident or even respected but Self belief without self knowledge is dangerous. It can be the crucible where false prides and lost dreams are formed. So today and everyday, know who you are and what value you bring to life and living. Share your blessings with everyone you meet, become the magnet of confidence and a powerful source for positive energy. Remember, anything is possible only if you believe and act on it now!

Article Contributor: Femi Adelayo (Writer/Trainer/Speaker ?08033529826, ?
Article Editor: @mosunomotunde

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