Guardian Angel

Given to flight at the slightest, for fright of tomorrow’s failure.
Yet winged for conquest in life’s fiercest contest for elevation and glory.
The winds blew too strongly and her faith flapped frantically.
She lost her stay and was steered amiss, falling in timid wonder.
Needing a reprieve but all was still and empty as the sky on a full moon night.
Then came her angel with the stillest, smallest voice, gliding down with ease.
Unable to take flight as was wont, she had to stay calm as the early dawn.
His grip, his touch, with harmless intent, were absolutely tender.
Amidst breaths and rhythmic strokes and repeated swipes,
He kissed her shame and nursed her pain and fixed her wings.
Cooing with sounds of pleasure to match his sounds of triumph,
She began to soar joyfully over the seas, the forests and the glades,
Above and beyond the Everest, aiming only for the blue blue skies!

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