Just Breathe!: A Tip For Physical And Mental Health & Confidence

A foremost teaching hospital in Nigeria recently revealed that it treated 1,680 cases of mental illnesses in 1 year! That is for just one hospital and only those who have come forward for treatment. Can you just imagine the millions all over the world dealing with mental illnesses? The leading cause of mental illness today is depression! With the unimaginable challenges we face in our daily life if we don’t pay attention to our health; physical and mental, the future can look bleak.
So, I say just breathe!


Seriously, Breathe! Not that shallow pant of a spent out prey or the husky tremor borne out of worry. I’m talking about lungs full of rich air, deep and confident breathing bringing forth success, ambition and confident goals. So as you read this just pause, close your eyes and breathe deeply now! Why not take a walk in the park or a quiet area and breathe deeply the fresh air. If we won’t eat stale food, why would we breathe stale air? So move out of the closed cars, closed offices and closed bedrooms and breathe the fresh air and enjoy improved confidence and increased longevity.
So, just breathe!


Unlike children who run and play exercising their lungs in the process, many of us do not feed our lungs with oxygen rich air as we should. Yet it is amazing that our memory, mental and bodily functions, our spirit, tempers, disposition, balance on judgment and creativity depends on how well we breathe!
Surprised? It’s true!


To practice deep breathing techniques, just lie on your back, inhale slowly, deeply and fully and slowly exhale allowing the body to relax. Repeat this until you feel truly relaxed. As you breathe deeply, make positive suggestions to yourself mentally on who and what you would like to be. “I am growing daily in self confidence”, “I am calm and relaxed”, “I am blessed and successful”, “Good things happen to me” are some positive affirmation suggestions that can help you live a better, more confident life. Remember, anything is possible only if you believe and act on it now!
So, just breathe!

Article Contributor: Femi Adelayo -Writer/Trainer/Speaker (?08033529826, ?mestriallc@gmail.com)
Article Editor: @mosunomotunde

Cheers and thanks for reading!!!

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