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Pictures of you in my head, very graphic, like a parade.
I recognize your vulnerability despite your tough facade.
It swells feelings of pride and exasperation within me.
Yet I absolutely love the person you’ve grown to be.
Your promises are constantly replaying in my head.
I’m happy knowing a piece of me is always with you.
I’m happy carrying a piece of you, knowing you care.
Yes I am blessed, I’m so lucky for what we share.
You are beautiful inside and outside and in every way.
Your disposition, soft as a quill pillow on a new day.
We always knew we were destined for each other.
Your personality as gentle as a lovely water glider.
You left and I began to drown in a lullaby of sadness.
You stole the sun leaving me in solemn blackness.
The darkest night has dawned on this ancient city.
Oh how I miss you, my gracious pride of humanity.

Cheers and thanks for reading!!!

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