Manipulation: Who is pulling your strings?

Have you ever seen a child throw a tantrum when they don’t get what they want? Or maybe a lover resorts to some form of “drama” when they ‘need’ something? Perhaps it’s a boss or colleague who gets you to do something you would rather not do? If you can relate to these experiences, you may just be under the cruel influence of a manipulator!

You’re having your strings pulled!

So, who is pulling your strings? Manipulation exists where someone exercises undue influence over another through mental distortion and emotional exploitation. Usually, it’s to control or extract benefits at the victim’s expense. Imagine feelings of anger, frustration and helplessness one may feel in the hands of these kind of people; it’s never a good feeling. We know that there is a place for positive influence to drive growth and mutual development, but then there is also another place of a selfish one-sided gain that often leaves one person feeling worthless every time. That’s manipulation.

Manipulators often gain control by detecting a weakness e.g a nickname you dislike or an embarrassing experience they were privy to. They exploit the weakness to make you do what they want and if it works, they do it over and over again. Do you know someone like that around you at work, on a social groups like Steemit, at religious places or maybe even a sibling who seems to want everyone to do their bidding at all cost? Trust me! I know a few and so do you!

Dealing with manipulation and manipulators requires confidence building. It also requires a deep and unyielding resolve in your rights to be treated with respect, to express yourself without fear, to set your priorities and to say NO without feeling guilty. Since manipulators often exploit feelings of guilt and inadequacy, you MUST deal with all negative emotions and build a better you.

Confront the manipulator with the mirror question of their request! That way some will realize the ridiculousness of their demand and back down and for those who don’t, standing up to the bully is a safe way will stop them in their tracks. Believe me, manipulators don’t like to give up their need to dominate and neither should you give up the confidence to stand up to them. So develop the resolve and the ability to say NO. If you need lessons on that, try two or three year old kids. Their “No” is usually powerful and compelling (I know this from experience!lol) Whatever you do, know that your dignity, your self esteem and confidence is at stake so, Speak up! Speak out! Speak confidently! Remember, anything is possible only if you believe and act on it now!

Article contributor: Femi Adelayo (Speaker/Writer/Trainer/My brother-in-law & soon to be steemian) – ?: +2348033529826 ?:
Editor: @mosunomotunde

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