Fear of the unknown

You’re so full of fear and umbrage, you need to face some home truths so severe.
Your outlook to life must change, to new principles and rules you must adhere.
Your experiences must have been strange, to make you think that life is austere.
You need a jolt out of self-imposed bondage, in that case let me be your compere.

Standing aloof for fear of another dosage, you became stuck were you where,
Hurting and carrying such emotional baggage, as you go from here to there,
Finding yourself so prone to damage, and now seeing yourself as a human so mere,
Lacking the guts to muster some courage, you’ll rather stay put right here.

Why do you keep searching, following after those who are insincere?
How can you keep doubting, letting the fear of the unknown interfere?
When will you stop wondering, but instead make up your mind and decide to persevere?
When will you start performing, begin to prepare like a movie about to premiere?

In discomfort you keep waiting, stuck in an ever fearful atmosphere.
Your emotions high flying, like a plane in the earth’s stratosphere.
The uncertainty so challenging, ever present in your life’s hemisphere.
Anxiety keeps your body heat rising, like the temperature of the thermosphere.
There you go profusely sweating, as one secreting waters from the hydrosphere

Stop being fearful, stop that cycle, it would only ensure you go nowhere!
Open your eyes, look around you, there is inspiration everywhere!
Raise your head up, learn from mentors, and believe you are going somewhere!
When the scary thoughts come, pray to the Almighty God, and watch the thoughts fly elsewhere!
Be brave enough to take that step, make that move, and then you’ll realize that you can go anywhere!

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