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HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTING (Talent Acquisition, Recruitment & Training).

People are an organisations greatest asset and strength, but they are also a huge
investment that require planning to ensure sustainable returns for growth. More often
than not, Sole Proprietorships and private businesses face a host of problems ranging
from attracting and retaining the right talents, preserving the quality of the recruitment
process, and training employees to promote a healthy and productive workplace culture.
Every year, businesses lose valuable time and money due to poor HR solutions.

Given the perceived talent shortage, the pressure is on for HR professionals to make the
best hires possible 100 percent of the time. Doing anything less can cost the company in
a multitude of ways. However, the cost of staffing and successfully remunerating a fully
functional Human Resources department can be substantial and expensive for SMEs
thus creating the need for such organizations to outsource recruitment and training
functions to HR professionals.

As a certified HR professional with over 7 years of practice, I provide easy HR solutions
by assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to carry out talent acquisition,
recruitment, selection and training services specifically tailored to meet the unique

needs of the organization at very affordable rates, allowing them to focus on the job. In
other words, I’m the lady you should call when you need to attract and retain the right
kinds of talents that fit your company’s vision and culture.
I have recorded a very high success rate in identifying and hiring the right and most-
qualified candidates to fill available positions. I also offer advisory services on HR
policies and procedures and employee relations for these businesses. My services can be
one-off for a specific project or long-term, and i am able to support you remotely or
onsite, depending on what your business requirements are.

Recruitment Process
Position Advertisement
Recruitment & Selection (1-2 days)
Employment Letter (optional)

Staff Onboarding & Training packages are also available and subject to negotiation.
Below is a list of additional services we offer, some of which are in partnership with
other HR outfits;


Writing is one of the most common means of interaction in this age of social media
proliferation. Writing content is a task that not many can handle and management of
the creative area of business is often ignored until it becomes obvious that content is
needed to drive sales, retain clientele, pitch ideas, and interact with potential consumers
of products.

To me, words are everything and it has always been the means through which I am best
able to convey thoughts and imagination. I am a creative writer with an extensive
vocabulary and an imaginative mind. These two attributes allow me to write realistic,
relatable and genuinely interesting articles and stories that meet corporate and
individual goals.

It is of importance that the content of a website, a web application, a thesis, paper,
article, a story, whether flash fiction, short fiction or even nonfiction, is well written.
Every company or individual brand has a story to tell. It is my duty and joy to be the one
to help clients bring out the texture, color, and emotion out of these stories. It is my job
to ensure that my clients get written content that perfectly captures their needs and
surpasses their expectations by producing quality writing consistently. <br>

To achieve such commendable performance for my clients, I pay great attention to detail
on their behalf. I ensure that I save you the time and excruciating effort it takes to
create/edit/proofread content for your book, article, blog, website or report. Do you
have a writing task that you’re too busy to handle on your own? Let’s talk. I can deliver
tailored and top-notch content within a reasonable time frame.

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